How To Conduct Proper Website Due Diligence
The training that could save you tens of thousands of dollars!
Why You NEED This
  • Over 90% of people buy their first website do it based off emotions. It is undoubtedly exciting buying your first website, and that excitement often leads to bad investment decisions. Without knowing how to buy from an educated decision based off a thorough website due diligence check, you are doing nothing more than gambling.
  • It's not enough to just know which website business is the right business for you, but also what it is truly worth and how much you should pay. I have saved one client on one deal $368,000 off the listing price! Learning to how to do due diligence the right way will save you money.
  • There is one resource far more valuable than money though, because you can always earn more money, but you can't earn more time. And unfortunately, a lot of people who buy websites buy a lemon and it's not just an expensive money mistake if you buy the wrong business, but it will send you back far further than were you were to begin with. I don't want that for you.
  • Contrary to what most people believe, you do NOT need to 'risk it to get the biscuit'. In fact the best entrepreneurs. business owners and investors hate risk. Knowing how to do proper website due diligence is like your insurance policy, it will allow you to spot risks and either save yourself from a bad deal, or minimise those risks and turn them into opportunities.
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What You'll Learn
  • Traffic Due Diligence - How to verify traffic, which way the traffic is trending and why. And spotting red flags that could mean the business isn't as valuable as it appears.
  • SEO Due Diligence - Identifying key indicators from keywords to SEO performance to create an overall understanding of the websites SEO profile, how valuable it is and what it's downfalls are.
  • Financial Due Diligence - Understanding how to correctly verify the websites P&L, including what to check, how and specific questions to the seller to ensure everything ads up.
  • Marketing Due Diligence - Gaining a full insight into how much marketing is taken out, the level of performance and results. All to address if the marketing is effective, or has opportunities and needs optimising.
  • Competitor Due Diligence - How and why to research into the websites competitors to identify either risks or possible growth areas.
  • How To Identify Risks - I teach you the common risks involved with each main online business model & a strategy on how to identify the largest possible risks in any investment and how to combat those risks.
  • Critical Questions You Should Always Ask Sellers - The better your questions are the better the answers and the best answers you can get about a business you are looking to spend your hard earned cash on, the better chance you have of making a wise investment decision.
I'm Also Including Some Additional BONUSES!!
BONUS #1 - My Personal Due Diligence Framework (Updated Version)
This framework has been used by hundreds of people to buy websites and has saved people days and weeks of due diligence research.

This due diligence framework can be used for any online business model and includes critical questions you should ask all sellers. 
BONUS #2 - Free SEMRush Trail
This framework has been used by hundreds of people to buy websites and has saved people days and weeks of due diligence research.
BONUS #3 - My Website Evaluator Tool
This tool will open you up to consciously understand if a website is valuable and worth pursuing or not. Never invest with your emotions again!
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Here's what people who have learnt this are saying;
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